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[NEWS][110926] Super Junior, Kim Hee-Chul talks about Korea Army Training Center – Interview

Q1) What kind of training are you doing, now?
Well, now, we’re doing guerilla tactics training. When we’re moving from one place to another or when we have to overcome ground obstacles, guerilla…

[NEWS][110908] Kim Heechul becomes a proud ROK soldier!!

Posting old articles now~

After completing his training for today, Kim Hee-Chul and his recruit-mates gathered around and reading fan-letters; Kim Hee-Chul is having a lot of fun and enjoying…

[PICS][110930] Yuri9doo food support & charity help (4)

Yuri9doo.com korean fanboard spent some donations into help Seongdong’s poor people by giving them a ton of rice, matching with Heenim’s first day working at that district.
They also gave him some…

[VIDEO][110929] He finds himself grown while training at KATC

Credits: HUNNAMSTORY@youtube
Shared by: Heechul-Petals.com

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